Christmas Giveaway!!

Happy December Everyone! As I shop for Christmas, I realized (after hours and hours of online shopping) that I see some pretty sweet deals that, although I may not use, some of you might want to jump on them! Instead of bogging up the feed of friends and family who may or may not appreciate deals like I do, I have started The Real Deal Discounts! I will leave it open to everyone who may come across a great deal that you think others may utilize!

We welcome coupon codes, discounts, flash sales, Cyber Sales and any other sales you come across. You are NOT required to leave reviews, but as always, the manufacturer’s surely appreciate them!

As we move forward there will be other links added, such as product testing, coupon, and freebie sites. If you see one, post it! This will be a gathered effort!

Set your notifications to FOLLOW so you don’t miss any of the deals!

To start the season off right, I have started a giveaway to help with Christmas! Click on the link below to get entered!

The Real Deal Gal Giveaway

P.S Manufacturer’s are welcome to post sales, however, any requests for reviews will get you banned from the site!


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