Best Product Test Sites

I have done a lot of research over the last couple years as to who and what are the best sites to consider when doing product testing. The next 4 websites are “randomly chosen” websites… what I mean by that is you are randomly chosen for different items to review. Some are monthly, like PinchMe (every 1st Tuesday of the month) Bzz Agent is random times of the month, as is house party.

The one we really need to talk about here is Influenster! I’m sure you have seen the subscription boxes “$10.00 a month” well with Influenster it is “loosely” on those same lines. However when you do get picked for a VoxBox it is free, with the request to review said products in the VoxBox. They also have many other opportunities to get items as well. I will do a whole BLOG on my love for Influenster, but for now, go sign up for account at the link below and keep a look out for the Influenster Blog!

Feel free to comment your favorite product testing website below!


Last but definitely NOT least! My Favorite! Influenster!



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