Product Tester Request

Hello Product Testers!

Attached you will find the Application to become one of our professional product testers! All applications are pre screened prior to seller promos added weekly. You will only gain access to the promotions that you qualify for. If you do NOT fill out this form for submission you will NOT be able to see any seller related promotions.

There has been a lot of drama surrounding the new updates on Amazon’s Terms of Service. So we are here to let you know: Yes times are changing, and No we will not be “exchanging products for review” per Amazon’s agreement.  You can be rest assured we will continue to follow their (one sided) TOS, the same as we always have. We are here to protect you, as well as our sellers.

It is Important to note on your application, which type of product testing you are interested in. There has been some updates for our current product testers, such as Blog links required, which Social Accounts you currently have and your follower counts.  All of this has to do with the types of products you will qualify for, so this is VERY IMPORTANT to fill out thoroughly!

When applying for Product Tester status, keep in mind that there will be a few things required from you after you receive your approval.

1. You will be responsible for submitting the order # to us (If Applicable).

2. You will also be responsible for sending your final opinion of the product test AFTER it has been submitted.

3. The seller has the right to know any and all opinions about their product. If you feel shipping was slow, or that the product became damaged during shipping, that needs to be noted ASAP. A lot of our sellers ship directly from Amazon warehouses, so this needs to be addressed with AMAZON quickly. If there was a flaw in your product, they will also need to know that information as well. Many do not see their items prior to shipping so this allows them to get with the manufacturer’s when issues arise.

4. FTC Regulations state that a disclaimer must be present on any review of a product that was received at a discount or Free.  Please get with TheRealDealGal admins on any questions, pertaining to the disclaimers.

If there is ever any issues, please contact us prior to final submissions.

We appreciate all of you and the hard work you put in to make sure the sellers get your full cooperation! We are getting into the busy season, so there will be a lot of great products to test!

Once you have read through all of the information, and you agree to adhere to the rules, please move forward with the application process and we will get back with you shortly!

Thank You,
Andrea J


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