What we know as of today…

There is a lot of info going around right now concerning both Amazon Seller and Amazon Reviewer accounts.  So I wanted to take a moment to go over what we absolutely know (not from Amazon’s customer service BTW) but what we have seen with our own eyes.

Reviewers: Review Guidelines

  • You can no longer write reviews for a discounted or free product on Amazon. period. (The system will allow you to, but it’s in your very best interest NOT to.)
  • You can not ask questions about a product once you have purchased an item with a discount code. You may answer a question, but not ask one.
  • You may not use the search technique to search and click on “said Amazon sellers” product to help bring their product up in rank for assumed interest.
  • You can not solicit Amazon sellers for a discount through Amazon.

Sellers: Prohibited Seller Activities and Actions

  • You can no longer request reviews in exchange for a discount or free product.
  • You can not link your product website onto your Amazon listing anywhere. period.
  • You can not leave bad reviews on competitors product listings. ever.
  • You may not have, friends, family, associates, or anyone related, to review your product due to biased opinions.
  • You can’t place fake or fraudulent orders to increase sales rank.


Reviewers, if any of the above pertain to you, please refrain from these practices.  There aren’t loopholes around it.  Amazon’s customer service has told people that if you change the wording in the review and leave out certain words, for instance “in exchange” (mentioned many times) that it is allowed.  First hand knowledge, this is extremely untrue. We have seen high ranked reviewers and not so high ranked reviewers get the reviews either, instantly removed, reviewing rights suspended, or Amazon account completely and permanently closed overnight. Do not take anything that customer service has to say, as the last word. The training, or lack of, is non existent. They will say whatever they “believe” is true, but to be honest, they know just as much as we do.  Which at this point is very little. Also, it may be worth your time, if you currently have a Blog following, to download Kevin Hodge’s ARAT program to back up your Amazon reviews for future niche’ uses.

Sellers, your selling rights are at risk if you try to push the envelope, it isn’t worth it.  You have spent months, if not years, building your business and online presence. I know that a lot of your rights have been stripped through Amazon’s new changes.  They have made selling a challenge, more so now, than ever.  The fee’s have now gone through the roof. Options you used to have are no longer available, unless a surcharge or fee is added. However, this too shall pass… as long as you keep your eyes on your goals and don’t give up. Don’t risk everything by trying to “skate” around the new changes.  Hold tight while the competition weeds themselves out.

There is no doubt these changes were made in Amazon’s favor. There are options, there will be a light at the end of the tunnel, there always is. We have programs already in place to get products out to social media accounts, should you decide to run sales, Giveaways you offer for specified Blogger audiences pertaining to your product, product testing prior to new launches, purchase rankings, focus groups and many more (undisclosed options)…  If you are one of our current or past sellers, you know the above options have been available for over 6 months now.  It has already been tried and true, the only thing that will be lacking from here on out is the actual Amazon Review in most situations.  If for some reason you come across a 3rd party website that offers to do business as usual, please refrain from using them or any “others” that claim a price drop will allow verified, no disclaimer, reviews (also NOT possible).  Amazon is out for blood and you do not want to get caught up in a lawsuit. You are already going through enough!

**If anyone has any comments, questions or thoughts you would like to add, please feel free to add them in the comment section below.**

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