The “Other” woman… Alcohol.

I ask myself on a daily basis… “Is it just me?” “am I crazy?”  I feel as though, maybe I am this magnet for alcoholics? I didn’t grow up in a home with alcoholics or drinkers.  I was never prone to the mindset of addiction, other than my father, whom I thought was the devil … More The “Other” woman… Alcohol.

**Friday Giveaway**

Let’s start this Giveaway off right! There is 15 days left until Christmas!!! Holy Cow!!! We are going to run this giveaway a little different! In order to be entered into the contest you need to make sure you have liked The Real Deal Discounts page, Share it with friends and in the comment section below, Google … More **Friday Giveaway**

Top Survey Sites

I have been asked over and over again what my favorite survey sites are, so for the last time, I am posting them here 🙂  There are plenty of sites that advertise being “The Best” or they have a high pay out for survey’s but I have been through them all, so here is my … More Top Survey Sites