Top Product Review Sites

The best way to utilize every penny you make is to become a product tester.  There are many sellers across the web that offer discounts on products if you agree to, 1. Test them out, and 2. leave an honest review of their product.  Each online store has their own Terms of Service, so before leaving a review, make sure you are following the Terms of Service for that particular product.

I spend many hours a day searching out the best deals, value’s, and ways to curb my costs and my client’s costs when making small to large purchases. Below are a few of the links you are welcome to utilize when shopping online.

If you are unsure about writing reviews or have questions about the best way to write a review, you can click here for tips on The Basic Structure of a Review.  This will give you some pointers as to how to go about writing reviews that will get you noticed by others manufacturer’s in need of similar help with their products.

Vipon (Prev. AMZ Review Trader)

Jump Send


The Product Testing Group

Elite Deal Club

Product Elf

Snag Shout

The Giveaway Service

AMZ Review Club


Home Product Testing

A couple other websites that I do not use, but others have said have decent programs from time to time, are as follows:

Dollar Deal Reviews

The Amazing Deals Group



If you happen to currently use a company that you think should be on this list, please comment below or  contact me directly at with info!


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