When it doubt, try a Sample

Here is the list of my favorite Sample sites! There are a few different reason’s why I have chosen these specific sites.  If you are like me, and don’t like to get bombarded with Spam mail, the following sites respect your mail box.  They don’t send hundred’s of emails a week.  You may get a weekly reminder to check in or a newsletter every now and again with current products, but nothing like some of the other companies I have tried.  You get chosen often to receive samples and the majority of the samples that you receive come loaded with coupons, and as you should all know by now, coupons are my life!  They are user friendly sites, usually running giveaways or contests.  Once again, they are tried and true!






House Party



Daily Goodie Box

If there are others that you are a part of and enjoy their offers, please feel free to comment below with your favorites that may or may not be mentioned above!


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