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I have been receiving a lot of questions pertaining to what we offer our Sellers. So I wanted to address this Blog to you all!

There are a few sites out there that claim to be supercharged review makers. Ok now, let’s be real here. I know you have looked into the Seller’s Accounts, but have you looked at the Reviewers accounts? Do you know what it actually takes to be a reviewer on those sites? ZERO, NADA, NOTHING, NO EXPERIENCE, No questions asked and you are open to grab as many FREE things as possible. Who keeps track of the reviews being fulfilled? Does anyone ever get banned from their site? Is anything monitored other than the money that’s coming in from all of their Sellers? If there is a issue or questions about a item, where can they contact the Seller?

Hey Sellers, you put in your hard earned money to design, manufacture, ship, and supply the items. You pay these sites a fee to do what? Make sure you are getting honest, NON biased reviews, and you are paying a premium to make sure your products are getting in the right reviewers hands. You have a product that you have put your heart and soul into, you have taken an enormous amount of time to choose the exact precise product, some of you have taken every cent you have to make this business your own. Why are you handing over products, whether free or discounted, to the unknown.

I offer you a hands on approach to getting your reviews for ZERO cost to you. I have a extensive list of professional reviewers, some of them I have known personally for years in the business. All of my reviewers are subjected to the application process, this way I know that the right seller is being matched to the correct reviewer. Each Seller has a different need depending on their product, I don’t want to place a Iphone product in a Android only household (only to be sold), OR put a Kuerig product in a NON Kuerig household. This approach doesn’t make a lot of sense. Which is why I personally go through all of the applicants to make sure your product is in the correct hands. Once the reviewers have been hand picked, I will run the advertised product only visible to them and the seller. Once the coupon codes have been disbursed, the reviewer is required to send the order # to myself or the seller (your choice) once the item has been received and reviewed, the reviewer will send the accepted review link in for completion.

Each Seller has different needs, as stated before, so we can also do Feedback Rooms, for discussions about their products. The reviewer and seller will then have a chance to talk about the likes and dislikes. This is especially helpful when deciding on products. Each reviewer has a privacy notice about the product before being allowed to review it, this is for your Privacy and theirs. I have a lot of experience in leading focus groups, and this would be the same objective as a face to face focus group, only online.

If you are interested in learning more about how we can help you in your growing business, please contact me. I am more than happy to go over your situation and what will suit your businesses needs.

If you are ready to join our team of Sellers, please click on the link at the top of this page under Seller Account Request to get started!


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