‘Merica Mhmmm….

I have learned in the past 24 hours more than I care to admit.  There is definitely a divide in this country and the media is sitting back, enjoying every minute of the chaos they created.  There are a few groups that are painfully obvious and separated from the rest of the melodrama unfolding, the millennials.  You can see the difference between the people who grew up in a time prior to 1990 and the kids after.  You know, the kids that were never punished, raised on “everyone is a winner” attitude, they are the kids that were never told “No”, and political correctness has been shoved down their throats. Those are the kids the media preyed on the most (and still are).  They are constantly attached to their devices and believe everything they read on the internet.  They were brought up on common core math, so thinking outside the box is a new term for them.  These are the kids that you see displayed all over the news, internet, newspaper covers, and magazines. They are experiencing a rude awakening into the world of adulthood and how things don’t always go their way.  It is disgusting, where are their parents?


Instead of teaching the kids to put on their Big Kid pants and deal with it, the schools are only furthering the “Rip” of the band aid.  Letting kids out of school, bringing in counselor’s, supplying them with food… because they didn’t get their way.  What the heck America??? When did we become such pansy’s???


Another group I see a lot of is the “handout crowd” these are the people who scream inequality. What they are really afraid of, is losing benefits that support them and their 10 kids. What a disappointment it must be to learn you have to go to work. I can’t even imagine the despair they must feel… Wait, yes I can.  I have worked 50 to 60 hours per week since 1996, the year after I graduated from High School.  I couldn’t afford to go to college, I had a brand new baby, and I had to work to support us. I did everything I possibly could to raise my son and keep a roof over our heads, with enough food to eat to stay alive. Had I not fought for us, I could have easily ended up in this group BUT I did fight, that’s what makes the difference. Instead of working to support themselves they burn the flag, riot in the streets, pull the race card, and throw tantrums over “fairness”.  If you have time to do that my friend, you have enough time to work.


This is a new America, as many of the commentators during the election said “Times are changing”. The Republican party no longer stands for the same things as it did 20-30 years ago, the same is easily said for the Democratic party.  Trump was a Democrat prior to running as a Republican, wait back up, what did I just say? Yes, Trump was/is a Democrat.  That means a lot of the same things that you are butt hurt over, he actually will fight for.  However, he doesn’t believe you should make a life out of living off government handouts, like most democrats. He will fight to keep companies here in the US rather than sending our jobs over seas… which will give no one, anyone, an excuse not to work and better themselves.  That’s what this country was based off of, hard working, focused Americans working together to better our communities. Jobs that were once here, were sent over seas by none other than the Democrats who have ran our country for years.  Yet you believe that they are doing what’s best in YOUR interest. TWO WORDS… Wall Street.  Again, SHEEP.


Another group I have seen and heard a lot from is the LGBT community.  Posts, Blogs, Tweets, and articles claiming they are scared of going back in time to a place where inequality and lack of understanding that two people, no matter their gender, can love and marry, is not acceptable.  I have many friends that fall into this group (or I did, prior to Trump being elected). What I haven’t seen is anyone questioning the history of Hillary’s Flip Flop decisions on the subject.  She is the scarier of the two when it comes to the history of their true beliefs. If you think Hillary was going to put your beliefs at the forefront of her “plan” then you have seriously bumped your head.

Image result for Hillary clinton Flip flop on LGBT

We can not forget the women who voted for Clinton, specifically because she was a woman… well, I am a woman and I would love to see a woman become the President of this great nation, but NOT this woman. The very same women who voted for her for this reason are the women calling all Trump voters, sexist and bigots. To those women, I say ‘turn that camera on selfie’ and take a look at who you are name calling. Look, we all watched the slam ads. Some did their homework, while others clearly did not.  Trump is clearly a PIG, however Hillary may not say out loud her thoughts to millions of people but her track record for women, is clearly not what you think it is.

Image result for Bill clinton sexual predator

Everyone was so sure Hillary was going to win, that’s where the last group comes in.  The “I’m moving to Canada” crowd.  These people knew she was crooked, there is absolutely no doubt about it.  This group was riding the gravy train.  They knew she had paid off everyone that she financially could in order to be the president.  Do not try to say any different, save yourself the time.  You didn’t like Trump’s vocal stance, his swearing, his women issues, and lack of filter.  You had no other choice, but you actually vowed to move to Canada… even promising to move to Canada if Trump was elected. Well, it is apparent Trump did win and Hillary didn’t spend enough to win her the presidency so please keep your word.  One less SHEEP in this country.


With so much corruption during the campaigns, the die hard Bernie Sanders fan’s finding out Hillary’s camp had sabotaged his chances as the Democratic nominee, really turned many of the Democrats off, including me.  It proved to me she would stop at nothing to get where she wanted to be.  The election became a popularity contest, and many people had convictions for Hillary Clinton. Plain and simple, everyone loved Bernie.  The Democrats got this one wrong.  Sander’s followers had to go somewhere and that somewhere was anywhere BUT where Hillary was concerned.  She was the one that squashed his chances so she was instantly the enemy.  I don’t think I have ever been in agreement with one candidates qualities and policies, as I was with Bernie’s.  That’s when Hillary lost the majority of the Blue states.  Plain and simple.


Fighting my Democratic self to decide what to do wasn’t easy either.  I have been a life long democrat, just like my father, my grand father’s, and their father’s.  Besides, Democrats stand for the people, not the establishment… or at least they did.  It seems more and more American’s are sick and tired of being taken.  They are tired of the government telling them what they can and can’t do. The pharmaceutical  companies have paid huge money to the lobbyist to keep us addicted to pain meds and other meds that are killing us and our children.  The same goes for Monsanto  and the drugs that are being spread into our skies and food.  Our own government is making decisions for us that we have no control over and it is only getting worse.. it had to be stopped and I believe this was the voice of the american’s saying enough already! Give us back our country!


I can understand standing behind a candidate. I was there, I did with Bernie. I can understand being upset that your candidate didn’t win. The tears are real and the situation is a let down.  However, it gives you no right to stomp your feet, cry racist or bigot, call off school, spew hate, or burn things down.  Stop being the laughing stock of our country.  Stand up and be an american and for GOD SAKES, if you have to, go cry your BIG HEAD in yer piller!



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