Amazon Prime… my secret addiction.

Everyone has their own secret addiction. I have certain things that are indulgences, like chocolate. I love chocolate, I can’t walk by a checkout line without grabbing a hershey bar, seriously. I probably spend more money on chocolate… OR coffee! I can’t start my day without it. That’s another indulgent I can’t live without. Coffee is my friend, unless it is Bigsby coffee, that crap is nasty. (Sorry all Bigsby coffee drinkers, kudos to you, but not this lady!) All of my indulgences are well known to all who know me. They aren’t secret’s. They are out there for the world to judge.

However, my secret addiction is Amazon. To be more precise, Amazon Prime. Yes there is a difference. It all started when I first signed up for Amazon. I started making purchases here and there, until that was unaffordable. Then I found out that I could take surveys and I could actually earn Amazon cash. HELLO!!! That was the beginning of the end. I would feverishly do survey after survey, I literally had made a log for what sites I was earning Amazon cash on and I would watch it grow. I had finally figured out a way to save my money and pay my bills (full time job, blah blah blah). Until the surveys started taking entirely too long to earn any real money on… 30 minutes for 25 cents? Ummm, NO THANK YOU survey sites! I had to come up with a better way to earn Amazon cash for Christmas, Birthdays, Open houses… the extra money that I didn’t have with my 9-5 job. That is when I saw an glorious ad Black Friday 2014, “Kindle Fire with 3 months free Amazon Prime $49” I used some of the Amazon cash I had saved up for the kids Christmas because, well, “shipping would be free and it will pay for itself” I thought. That is when Amazon became a whole new experience for me.

Once a Prime member, I began to try out all of my new free features (because, why not? it’s FREE) I downloaded music, movies, books, and I SHIPPED! Boy did I SHIP FOR FREE! Everyday there were numerous packages at my door and I was so proud of the savings I was glowing! I had saved up enough Amazon cash to pretty much pay for Christmas AND I was shipping packages for free! That was until the 3 month membership ran out. The surveys were coming in less and less, and my Amazon cash was SPENT. I was unable to listen to any of my Prime music, and my Prime TV was completely gone. I was in need of rehab. AMAZON PRIME rehab to be exact. I was depressed and NOT because of the Holiday let down. No. It was because my free Amazon Prime was gone, my Amazon cash was gone and my favorite place to browse daily… was unreachable.

Now some people may say it’s because I am a “Shopaholic” well, not so much. I do like nice new things, but I never spent any of the money on myself. It was always for my husband, my kids, dogs, friends… except the one little Kindle Fire that saved Christmas, that was for me.

I spent months trying to figure out how to afford Amazon Prime again, so I could get back my shows, books, movies, and music… SHIPPING, without having to pay for them. That is when I WON a full year of Amazon Prime through a contest put on by one of the Survey Sites. Unannounced to the gifter, that was the best thing I could have ever received!

I stumbled upon a website one day while surfing the internet a little while later “reviewers needed” and thought to myself “I review, I review literally EVERYTHING” and joined the site to see what it was all about. AND there is was. “Shop Amazon”, even better, “Save even more if you have Amazon Prime”. That is when my two worlds collided. What was this? I could spend my Amazon cash, use my Amazon Prime membership AND buy items for a lot less, the only catch is I have to review it? (Which I had always done anyways???) I swear the sky cleared, the sun shined down, and my world was once whole again. Everything made sense all it that very precise moment.

Now I am sure, I am not the only one who has had this enlightening experience. I know there are many others out there just like me. I wonder now, does their family and friends know about their addiction or do they keep it a secret, just like I do?

Please click on the link below to get your free trial started today!


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