Why all the hype?

Why all of the hype? That’s what I have been asking myself all afternoon. If you have found yourself reading this blog, it is more than likely because of the “update” heard around the Amazon review world. If not, keep reading to learn a little more about Amazon’s Terms of Service. This afternoon we were … More Why all the hype?

The Reply…

I, and everyone else in the Amazon review world, know that when you email appeals for answers, you get back auto responses. Which is why I thought emailing Mr Bezos himself, may give us some clearer answers. Well, I did get a response, NOT from Mr.Bezos himself but his Executive Customer Relations personnel, Peg Anderson. … More The Reply…

The other argument..

One of the last things you ever want to start a conversation with is “I’m a Amazon Product Reviewer”.  There is curiosity, apprehension, and most times disgust from people who are aware of the dreaded disclaimer “I received this product… BLAH BLAH BLAH.” Recently there is a trend of BAD reviewers, I’m talking uneducated, short, misspelled, bad … More The other argument..

Amazon Prime… my secret addiction.

Everyone has their own secret addiction. I have certain things that are indulgences, like chocolate. I love chocolate, I can’t walk by a checkout line without grabbing a hershey bar, seriously. I probably spend more money on chocolate… OR coffee! I can’t start my day without it. That’s another indulgent I can’t live without. Coffee … More Amazon Prime… my secret addiction.